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What is a Hair Glazing?

When it comes to world of hair care, it seems that women across the world create countless new and unique styles, and looks every other day! In fact, taking a look at the top 5 most popular women’s hair styles from the 1950’s and 60’s and compare them to today – things have really changed, in some ways for the better, in other cases for the worse – depending on your personal preference. According to the team of experts at Salon De Louie, the Best Hair Salon NYC has to offer, the change in women’s hair styles is all about society and what types of looks and styles they accept at the time. When it comes to societal perceptions changing, one of the most common and interesting aspects of this includes hair dye, coloring, highlights, demi glazehair, and a whole lot more! If you lived in the 1950’s or 60’s, and you saw a woman with pink hair working in an office, you would be completely shocked and probably never believe it. However, due to society’s changing views and tolerance of changing styles and fashion, women with pink hair can be the smartest, and most well-accomplished individuals in every room they step into, and no one would ever bat an eyelash! A super popular and in-demand form of coloring or clear-coat has been the hair glaze, a semi-permanent color option that coats the hair shaft with color and shine. In fact, hair glazing has become quote a popular substitute for those women who do not want to fully color or highlight their hair. The demi glaze hair look cuts it even further and provides women with an even lighter option. To learn more about this interesting alternative to hair dyeing or coloring, read on below.

Hair glazing has become a favorite of many women and even some men out there! According to the team at Salon De Louie, considered to be the best salon NYC has around, many clients have been coming in and specifically asking for hair glaze – a lot of these clients used to in fact be those looking to fully dye, highlight or in some way color their hair. The intended outcome for using a hair gloss or glaze is a longer lasting, and far more vibrant color. The expert stylists at Salon De Louie, the best salon NYC has to offer, will often explain glazed hair or demi glaze hair by using lip gloss as an example. When you want your lips to be colored normally, and in some cases even go for a matte smooth look, you are way more likely to use a normal, conventional lip stick, however, if you want your lips to simply look shiny, juicy, and for lack of a better term, glossy, you would undoubtedly use a lip gloss – some of which even have a slight tint of color, not as much as a conventional lip stick, but enough to give some color and the juicy, shiny, plumpness the use wants.

Another interesting thing is that when it comes to hair glazing, is that they have been known to help improve the overall health and wellness of your hair as well – and are especially better to use when you are comparing them to traditional highlights, dyes, or coloring. According to the expert staff at Salon De Louie, the best hair salon NYC has to offer, as well as some of their clients who are in love with their demi glaze hair treatment, they have noticed that the treatment helps by reducing the presence of split ends, frizzy hair, and eliminates the overall dryness of their hair – while helping to add hydration and improve the moisture content of the hair.

Along with helping along with the overall look and feel of the hair, many women have even discovered that hair glaze can indirectly help them to tone and condition their hair! In many cases, acting as a secret conditioner you had no idea you were even using! The best part of this is that hair glaze or a demi glaze hair treatment can be undone quite easily. While coloring is essentially embedded into the protein molecules of your hair, and are nearly impossible to remove too early – according to the team at Salon De Louis, the best salon NYC has around, in many cases they can last upwards of 50 strong shampoos –hair glaze are mostly free of harsh and harmful chemicals that may help dyes and color stay embedded into your hair – such as ammonia, which is quite harsh on the health of your hair, and peroxide. In fact, these glazes can be washed out within a week or two of application. The best thing is that while you are able to get your hair softer, smoother, shinier and the vibrant color you want with hair glaze, you can be sure it isn’t damaging your hair, and in many cases, it is in fact strengthening your hair – providing a conditioning treatment, to not only soften, but heal dull, damaged hair. For more information on hair glaze, be sure to contact, the Best Hair Salon NYC has to offer, Salon De Louie today.

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