Every woman (and some men!) should give highlights a try at least a few times in life! They give your hair an added flare and wonderfully bright, vibrant aesthetic that is impossible to capture using any other means! And at Salon De Louie we are experts in every type of highlights & lowlights!

Foil Highlights
The classic highlights that most of us think of when we hear the terms. These traditional highlights give your look an all-around brighter, fresher, more vibrant look and bring out all your other lovely features! Definitely requires periodic touch-ups, but it is well worth the effort!
Feel free to try half or partial highlights as well.

Balayage Highlights
This high-end technique is performed by some of the best colorists in the world. Also known as hair painting, balayage, gives your hair an all-natural, sun-kissed look – concentrating the brighter tones towards the ends of your roots. Requires way less upkeep, but an amazing look nonetheless!

Ombre Highlights
Ombre is a modern classic, that isn’t going anywhere any time soon! We lighten the lower half of your hair while leaving your roots all-natural. Gives you an elegant, sexy set of highlights, that require 0 maintenance!

Sombre Highlights
Short for SUBTLE Ombre highlights, this is a much softer take on the classic ombre look. With darker tones than the traditional ombre style, this style is way less intense and requires much less of a commitment!

If your hair just looking dull and boring? Then try lowlights, adding some darker depth and deep tones to give you extra volume, dimension and contrast, the perfect look for the natural blonde or brunette in need of some change in their hair routine!
For more information on all the possible highlights and more, be sure to schedule your next appointment today.

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