Hair Coloring & Dye

Hair coloring has become more popular today than it has been in years, regardless of your age or gender! If you wanna get in on the trend, then do it with the experts’ colorists at Salon De Louie!

Single Process Coloring
One of the most common methods of coloring uses a fresh, new color or toner applied throughout your hair to create a brand-new base color. Your hair is then lifted, and colors are deposited in one fail swoop! The perfect method of coloring to cover up unwanted grays and add sleek shine and create amazing depth and dimension to even the dullest of hair.

Double Process
We use this method to lighten up your hair by a few shades at a time – using bleach to remove any natural or previously colored pigments and then add your newly desired color in a second step. This is a bit of an advanced technique and not recommended for all, leave it to the hair color experts to help you with your decision.

Full or Demi Glaze
Glazing is a common hair coloring treatment that works on a variety of different hair types and tones, from the most natural hair to hair that’s already been highlighted and even colored. Hair glazing allows you to tone and temper your hair color, with the added shine and luster you might be sorely missing.
Even the most vibrant of hair colors & highlights can go dull over time, so rather than starting over from scratch why not see if glazing is right for you!

Hair color or highlight chunking is a style that was made popular in the 90’s and still gives clients an added flare and vibrance! Chunking allows us to add artistic, strategically placed highlights that are much more blatant and drastic than conventional highlights. Get eye-catching streaks, or add some much needed drama to your duller-by-the-day hairstyle!
For more information on all our hair coloring options, be sure to schedule your appointment with Salon De Louie today!

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