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At Salon De Louie we specialize in a wide variety of different haircuts and styles, for men, women and children of all ages!
As one of Lower Manhattan’s premiere hair salons, we work with a talented group of stylists and hair professionals who are proficient in all the latest trends and styles. We do our best to cater to our client’s needs, no matter what they might be! From new and unique trends and styles, to the classic and conventional, the Salon De Louie is unmatched in its abilities and haircare knowledge.

Healthy Hair, Is Happy Hair
Salon De Louie offers a wide range of predetermined and custom styles to match whatever your hair needs might be! And no matter how unique our styles get, we never sacrifice the health and strength of your hair!
We work hard to blend aesthetically-pleasing, fashionable styles, with the highest quality haircare products and serums around – ensuring that with each appointment, your hair is that much healthier!

We make sure to offer a wide variety of specialty cuts and styles, for each and every one of your unique needs.

  • Women’s Cut & Style
  • Men’s Cut & Style
  • Children’s Cut & Style

Flat Iron & Curling Iron Styles
Whether you want smooth, sleek, sexy strands of straight hair or sultry waves and voluminous curls, at Salon De Louie we are the flat-iron experts! No matter what it might be, you pick the style, and leave the work to us! Straightener curls will always be in, and no one does it better than us. They’re a modern classic, that’s faster and longer-lasting than any other means of curling. Plus! It provides a look that versatile and works in so many different ways to create just the perfect curls!

Blow Dry, Style & Finish
Blow-outs and blow drying give your hair that perfect volume and shape, just right for that important outing or event! At Salon De Louie, we can help you to create a variety of trendy styles, no matter what you might have in mind.

  • Sleek & Straight Styles
  • Professional Blow-Outs
  • Full Bodied Blow-Dry Curls

For more information on all the amazing, fully-customizable haircuts and styles we specialize in, be sure to schedule your next appointment today!

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