Treating and pampering your hair is important. The more you love and care for your hair, the better it will treat you back! No matter what kinda shape your hair might be, or what type of hair you might have, checkout one of our amazing specialty hair treatments today.

Deep Conditioning
Hair needs moisture and hydration to continue being healthy and staying strong and resilient. Without it, your hair is bound to flop and will never cooperate with your wants and needs. And with the countless environmental factors, like the wind, rain, and humidity – constantly trying to damage your hair, deep conditioning is a vital part of any strong hair care routine.
At Salon De Louie, our deep conditioning uses a variety of hair-fortifying serums, cleansers and more to help provide your hair with the nutrients it needs to look and feel its absolute best. And no matter what kind of hair you might have, from curly and wild, to sleek and straight, our deep conditioning treatment can help you to manage your hair just the way you want!

Scalp Treatment
The scalp is the foundation our hair follicles need to take root. Over time do to aging and poor scalp-care, we tend to develop dry, flaky skin and dandruff on the scalp – especially in the dry winter months. This can be devastating to both your appearance, as well as your self-esteem! Try our specially formulated scalp treatment today, using a blend of coconut oil, candelilla wax, naturally-harvested salicylic acid (from Meadowsweet), and other skin-fortifying botanicals, to keep your scalp looking and feeling its absolute best, all year round!

Power Dose
The power dose is an amazing new method of hair fortification, designed specifically to bring your hair back to its former glory! Works from the inside out, this two-step technology penetrates into each hair follicle, filling all the gaps and areas of breakage to rejuvenate each and every single strand of hair on your head – repairing hair at a molecular level. The next step works using ceramides to create a safe, coating to protect and keep your hair soft, sleek and shining. If your hair is been damaged, or could use some restoration, give the power dose a try today.

Keratin Fusion
The specialized Keratin Fusion treatment is the number method of both straightening and fortifying your hair, helping you to now only improve your overall look but to create a subtle, all-natural protein coating around each hair follicle to provide you with the protection you need.
This helps you to not only straighten and shine your hair, but to prevent future damage and breakage as well.
For more information on all our specialty treatments, be sure to contact Salon De Louie today.

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