Demi Permanent Hair Dye NYC

The Popularity of Demi Glaze & Permanent Hair Colors

Within recent years, it seems that across New York City more and more hair salons are opening up every day, and while hair styling has always been a relatively big deal in the big apple, most of the experts in the industry agree, the majority of the expansion has to do with the introduction of new, unique hair dying and coloring trends like demi glaze hair NYC specialists offer. Across the city, the fact of the matter is that in this day and age, the business of hair color is huge, and ever-expanding. And for those who aren’t well-versed in the processes of something like demi permanent hair dye clients can truly end up with their heads spinning. This is the main reason why we leave it to the professionals and those who have a talent for such things. Interestingly enough, while we might not ever plan to take on the process ourselves, leaving it all to the professionals, many clients still are quite curious as to what the process truly entails and not just the beauty of the finished product. Whether it’s the classic demi glaze hair or the demi permanent hair dye experts at Salon De Louie are here to help you understand.

As one of the most popular hair color processes around, when it comes to demi permanent hair dye experts at Salon De Louie believe its vital that we differentiate the types like crème and liquid formulas. For a crème demi permanent hair dye experts refer to this as an alkaline, ammonia-free product that comes in a variety of different shades and has the ability to either cover women with gray hair or blend hair color in a safe and natural manner. Similar to the demi glaze hair NYC experts would like clients to understand that the glaze, as you’d think, gives clients a new level of shine and sheen, and can give clients the sun-kissed lovely look they’ve always wanted. The fact is that this method of hair style technology, for lack of a better term, allows a wide range of hair color choices with lots of depth and dimension – giving women a more voluminous, sexy, vibrant look, automatically like the fun version of yourself, with tone-enhancing contour and lowlights without any fading or damage to the hair strands.

However, when it comes to the other side of the coin, and demi permanent liquid color, things work a bit differently. Firstly, liquid formulas are great because they allow you to tone, blend and add shine, but in a way that’s different from most. In addition, its highly customizable, so clients can make it as sheer, bright and vibrant, or go with a more subtle subdued look – ideal for those who might be all colored out, or a little too shy to go full or even halfway on the colors. Unlike demi glaze hair NYC experts believe that semi-permanent hair color is a deposit only formula, and therefore won’t require a developer or any level of peroxide. For instance, the color coats the outside of the hair and changes the tone rather than the color. This type of color usually lasts between five to 12 washes. Semi-permanent color is also commonly referred to as a stain, gloss, or a toner.

In addition to being one of the most popular and an overall excellent option for women with textured hair, that also won’t damage or alter anyone’s curl pattern, there are a number of great benefits for demi permanent hair color. According to the experts at Salon De Louie, demi-permanent hair color results in a more obvious change for someone who wants to avoid damage or anything that’s going to look like an overly dramatic change. As we mentioned previously, this kind of formula also doesn’t include any type of ammonia, however it does have the right amount of peroxide, to help open up the hair cuticles, in order to ensure that the proper amount of hair color is absorbed. And while there are certainly tons of different benefits for each and every coloring style, as colorists get more unique in their work – however, the most important thing for us to understand is that clients are growing to love the method more and more, and love to see newly added advancements and changes each and every day. For more information on these amazing color styles, be sure to contact Salon De Louie today.

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