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3 Easy Ways to Communicate to Your Hair Stylist for Men

When it comes to a man’s hair, it can truly be the most important aspect of the appearance – far more than it is for women. While many men might choose to go with the garden variety haircut, that’s closely cropped and simple, there actually are countless hairstyles for men out there, and it’s nice for men to occasionally explore past what they deem to be “the norm”. As the experts for everything from hairstyles for men to coloring with tons of different hair dye colors NYC specialists at Salon De Louie know how vital a man’s hair can be. Don’t get me wrong, now hair styles for women are extremely important as well, but the simple fact is that many women might actually be able to get away with leaving their hair alone for months or even years on end, without so much as a styling or cut, let alone hair dye colors NYC experts at Salon De Louie believe regardless if you are a man who seeks out the simplest of haircuts, or something fringe, different and possible even a bit costly, its vital that men know how to speak the language of a professional stylist. Men’s hair might seem like its easy, and while it certainly should be, the problem is that for men, the lingo and hair styling methods are not as thorough, and essentially there are a lot of different techniques and styles that aren’t being talked about in the right way. Just for instance, if there are 3 or 4 different ways for someone to refer to something, and you are familiar with one and your stylist knows another, your haircut is completely lost in translation. To better educate you on how to speak to your barber or stylist and get the right haircut and style that you want, read on below.

· The Length is a Good Place to Start

One of the biggest issues when it comes to figuring out the length of your hair, and what you would like to voice to the barber is the length, however, it is often a good place to start. Regardless of any and all the Hairstyles For Men NYC, very rarely can you find anyone who can eyeball inches or centimeters good enough to keep up with your style, however, when it comes to those crucial difference can mean a lot, therefore the best way to indicate length is to learn the size and height of your hair based on clipper sizes. Therefore, you can easily tell your barber or stylist that the sides are a 1 or a 0, and the top is a 5 or 6 or just take a little of the top with a scissor. These types of measurements are generally universal when it comes to most hair styles.

· Google It!

One of the smartest and simplest ways to help your barber or stylist out, is to bring a picture of the haircut style you want on your phone. In fact this is probably the most important and helpful spot on the list, just because its roughly the haircut description cheat code! Showing your stylist, a picture of your favorite Marvel character, or leading man from the red carpet can certainly help them to get a better understanding of exactly what you want on your head, even with a million more hairstyles for men nyc out there, a picture most certainly can speak a thousand words.

· Ask Your Stylist

The thing about being a stylist in an industry that’s as important as hairstyling or men’s grooming is that you most certainly become an expert at this type of thing, having seen it in its most raw every single day of your life pretty much. With that type of experience, whether it’s a closely cropped haircut, or something long and gangly, or even its something outrageous with 3 different types of hair dye colors NYC stylists develop a certain type of closeness with their clients where they simply know what’s right and what belongs a top of their head regardless of what might be on top of their now! Ask the people who are experts in the field, the best way to do it!

Whether you’re a man or a woman, and looking for a great place to style and cut your hair? Look no further than Salon De Louie, one of NYC’s top hair salons. For more information or to schedule an appointment, be sure to contact Salon De Louie today.

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